Directly impacted over 3000 women and youths through film music and other art form’s, awareness programs, skill based training, livelihood and other manual support, competitions, aids and reliefs, micro enterprises, clearing and tree plantation and have created awareness the community at large.


  • EYAR has land which has a plan to build a community centre. The project aims to provide trainings and utilize media management in solving the socio-economic issues prevailing in the community that will used to explore and channelize talents, efforts, micro enterprises, addressing multiple socio-economic handicaps plaguing the society. The proposed project is aim at promotion of women empowerment through gender mainstreaming; this will be done through promotion of women and youth participation, capacity building and skills trainings to reverse unemployment and poverty.
  • We seek financial and technical assistance, grants and funds available in the state government and beyond from the social impact organisation an agency to help our foundation and meet our lofty goals to expand team and sustain.
  • Currently we are in talks and seeking help from Manipur State Film Development Society (MSFDS) and others concern to provide basic equipment’s and trainings in hill districts for young youths to channelize their talent and time from youth delinquency.