What We Do

Followings are the pilot works undertaken by EYAR Production

Trainings and film production

• Conducted on skill training on drama and acting.
• Conducted short film competitions, solo competitions and stand-up comedian competitions during mid lock down to help people explore their talents and utilize their time constructively.
• Conducted an online training fitness and dance for women and youth.
• Produced short films based on domestic violence.
• Produced Tangkhul feature film on the consequences of alcoholism among youths and missteps.
• Produced Tangkhul feature film on rage of vengeance devotion on love.
• Produced and recorded eight songs to encouraged youths to help explore their talents and utilize their time constructively during the lockdown.

Reliefs and aids

• On 6 June 2021 with the support of mentors and the Response net India we distributed food relief materials which include rice, dal onion, potato and benefited over 770 households the items include6160 kilos of rice, 2300 kilos of potato, 2300 kilo of onion, 770 kilo of dal. So far the food relief has reached villages Hungpung, Hunphung and along the Indo Myanmar border like Kuingai Tusom C, Tussom khullen, New Tussom, Poi, Challou, Chingai.
• With support from renown NGO from Smile foundation India we distributed food relief materials on 23rd December 2021 which include 8000 kilos of Rice, 800 kilo of dal, 8000 kilos of wheat flour, chilli powder, yellow powder, onion, potato, chick peas, sooji and distributed over 800 families at Hungpung, Kazzipphung, Phungreitang and other areas of Hungpung and Hunphun.
• Over 1000 girls were distributed with hygiene kits include sanitary pads, soaps, sanitizer.
• Over 1000 masks were distributed to students and families.
• Provided gifts of books, pencil, pen to under privilege students.

Education, Livelihood and Micro entrepreneur’s

The donations we received from families and friends and seed funding grants from Her & Now GIZ, STEP-the empathy project. We used the fund in creating awareness programe and education, provide skill based training to 150 women and youths, we managed to offer micro finance to 15 women, provided livelihood support to over 370 women and youths through manual labour.

Seminars, workshops and awareness program

• Conducted awareness program on domestic violence at Ukhrul Town Hall on 6 Oct 2019 Conducted awareness program at various places in collaboration with Dungrei Youth Organisation at KT. Rock Hall on 20th Nov. 2019 Lower Hungpung Youth Organisation, on 16th Dec 2019 through film screening and live concerts.
• Conducted awareness program cum film streaming in collaboration with TKLD Tangkhul Katamnao Long Delhi at Sir Shankar Lal Memory Hall on 29th March 2020 through film streaming and promoting young talents.
• Conducted one day awareness program cum musical entertainment was organized on 14th Feb 2020 at Dungrei Bazaar Shed on Topic: Violence against women & Effective use of technology in our society.
• Workshop on Topic: Equality reducing equality, advancing Human rights along with PASDO, Vanguard resource observed one day International Human rights day at PASDO training centre.
• Tie up with UT Flix and stream free online film on Christmas time from 24 December to 1st January 2021 to create awareness among youths.
• Conducted one day awareness program and streaming of YUNRA at Ukhrul town hall on 20th December 2021. Over 150 crowds gathered the program.
• Collaborate with village youth volunteers and stream our two films at Chingjaroi village and Paorei village as part of creating awareness and supporting local youths.

Organic Farming & Gardening – Experimentation, Research & Employment Generation

• Foundation has a farm land at Hungpung Kazipphung, Ukhrul. This farm is shaped as the training ground for organic farming and a platform to promote community farming.
• Currently, the Foundation is developing a Banana Garden at its Farm land and further planning to develop Apple farm as this fruit trees are suitable in the Ukhrul.
• The farm engages local disoriented youths who also get to earn a living from manual labour and planting.

Environment activities

To raise environmental awareness we organised tree plantation drive in collaboration with Lower Hungpung Youth organization and planted over 1500 trees.